In 2016 I moved into my new studio with light bouncing all around. The luminosity of the space, enhancing my perception of colour, has made it a delight working on this series of new works, Absinthe + Vermillion.

I predominately work with colour, and have done so for a long time. In the past, I would often mix colour for days on end. Now, with experience, I am more trusting of my intuitive response to colour. 

I’ve been told, ‘more red is redder than less red.’ Despite my family having disputed the logic of this phrase, it continues to inform my practice today. I believe the contrast of two reds is more intriguing than one red alone. This is displayed in my artworks.

These days, I try and think flexibly about colour – there's no such thing as a dirty colour, there are only filthy relationships. Playing with new colour combinations forms the base of my practice.

I love working with the silk overlay. The double layering allows me to couple and use intense colours, whilst maintaining a soft quality in the paintings.
It has been a joy to bring this show to life.
Jacky Field
Artist, 2017

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